What is required to register and attend the Concealed Carry Course?

Prior to attending the course, we will send you a Application for Training.  We ask that you complete the application in full, and then return it to use with your payment prior to the course.  Once we receive your application and payment, we conduct your background check.  Please read our Disclaimer prior to registering, as it will most likely answer your attendance qualification.

If everything comes back positive on your background check, we will send you a letter with confirmation that you can attend the class, details on your specific class dates, times, and requirements, and a map with directions to the training locations.

If something on your background check comes back negative, we will contact you and discuss the issue to see if you are still eligible to take the course.  If we determine that you are ineligible for training, we will refund your tuition, minus $25 for the background check.

What is required to pass the Concealed Carry Course?

All students must complete all portions of the course.  This includes the classroom lecture, the range lecture and hands-on training, the live-fire practice session with your handgun, the live-fire qualification test with your handgun, and a 50 question written exam.

How difficult is the written exam?

The written exam consists of 50 questions.  The questions are multiple choice, true / false, matching, and fill in the blank, and there is no time limit.  Most students score between 90%-100% on the written exam.

How long is the classroom lecture?

While the same course material is taught consistently from course to course, each classroom lecture session is unique to the particular group of students being taught at that time because of the varying depths of conversation with questions and answer.  The classroom lecture generally runs 4-5 hours, but we DO NOT rush the lecture and we finish when all information has been provided and questions have been answered!

What all is discussed in the classroom lecture?

During the classroom lecture, we will have in-depth training and discuss in the following areas:

  • Firearms safety in the home, in the vehicle, while carrying, while shooting on the range, and during maintenance sessions.
  • Safe and legal storage of firearms and ammunition in the home and in vehicles.
  • The laws related to Concealed Carry in the State of Missouri.
  • The laws related to the Use of Force in the State of Missouri.
  • The Application of Deadly Force
  • Nomenclature, Selection, and Safeties of Handguns
  • Nomenclature, Selection, and Liability of Ammunition
  • Firearms Maintenance

How long is the range session?

Again, as with each classroom lecture session, our range sessions are unique to the particular group of students being taught.  Generally, range sessions runs 4-5 hours, but as with the classroom sessions, we DO NOT rush them!  We will cover the following topics during the lecture and hands-on training portion of the range session:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Weapons Etiquette
  • Loading, Reloading, and Unloading
  • Carrying Concealed (Placement, clothing, drawing, etc...)
  • Marksmanship
  • Combat Marksmanship (Time and Resources Permitting)

I do or do not have a lot of experience with firearms.  What should I expect during the range session?

Students who have a lot of experience with firearms will most likely advance more quickly than their peers, who may have little to no experience with firearms.  This is normal, and expected, however, we have unique way of challenging our experienced shooters so they don't get bored, and at the same time, we have unique ways of teaming up our instructors to provide additional support for those shooters who may need the extra help.  Regardless of your skill level, we guarantee you receive the highest quality of training and attention from our instructors to meet your needs.  Our goal is to make your firearms training experience a positive one, in a safe and relaxed environment, so that you will learn quickly and develop good habits that create efficient muscle memory.

How much will we actually shoot while on the range?

It varies from course to course, but we guarantee you will complete the minimum for Missouri state requirements!  All students will complete our live-fire practice session which is 50 rounds total, and then complete our qualification course of fire which is 20 rounds of ammunition.  If time and resources permit, we will use your remaining ammunition to complete some practical combat marksmanship exercise.  Generally, we spend 6 hours on the range session.

What if it rains the day of the range session?

We shoot rain or shine.  Come prepared for whatever the forecast is for the scheduled range day.  There's no such thing as bad weather, just a poor choice in clothing.

What happens if the course is rescheduled?

We know your time is valuable, and we’ll do our very best to have classes when they are scheduled.

If for some reason a course is rescheduled due to an issue on our end, we will first notify you as soon as possible and give you the option to reschedule for a later date or offer you a refund of your course tuition.

If you are unable to attend your classroom or range session for some reason, we will assist you in rescheduling and will apply your payment toward any future class of your choice, however, there will be NO REFUNDS on payments if you are unable to attend your originally scheduled training date(s).

What happens if I fail the course?

It is a rare occasion that someone fails our Concealed Carry Course.

If you fail the course due to skill level (live-fire qualification or written exam) we will review with you the outcome and give you an opportunity to retake the tests if time permits.  If time does not permit on that day, we will discuss retraining and rescheduling at a future date.

If you fail the course because we have removed you from training for safety violations or other concerns, you will not be refunded the course tuition or allowed to retake the course, and the reason for your removal and dismissal from the course will be reported to your county sheriff.

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